This is my art


It was created by using a collage of blue, grey, black and dark blue. The art was created by a Nikolas Humphris. It is worth £10,000 to £50,000 pounds.

My art was inspired by lei Melendes with his random art style and John Stelzer for his two image collage style.

Short swimming story

The crowd cheered

I felt nervous at first, the water gleaming back at me as I stared into the murky depths below.
“How could I see my partner in this thick mucus coloured water?” I thought to myself
“I’m sure it’s just someone’s idea of a funny little joke.” I reassured myself.
My partner looked at me and then glanced at the water, mouthing,
“What the heck!??!”
It was confusing to think that the Olympians wanted us to dive into the gross water, but it seemed as if they didn’t care. I guess it was no joke.
Here we go, I guess…


It’s 9:30, There are fish everywhere. Its 9:30, fish everywhere! But how would I know? Lets travel through time, Time, Time, Lets travel through time, time to go!
“But we’re going to miss out show!”
Don’t be STUPID friends, lets go!
Time is a thing, that goes round and round. The past is behind us and future won’t come around, because we’re in the present for all of eternity so grow old and die, but don’t make it too early. Time won’t end if you don’t die so next time friends maybe think it through Please do since you will DIE soon.

Inspiration taken from DHMIS

The umm 100wc thing

It was a dark day…then it was light again because reasons. Darkness covered the gloomy deserted town…no it didn’t  it was nice and sunny and everyone loved it and rainbows filled the sky with…DEATH…no with kittens, unicorns and nice things… Kid this isn’t your imagination…STOP IT SHUT UP JACK!…Ok damn Tina, Dammmnnnnn…UGH WHAtever if only I could….Hey Tina? What you thinkng bout huh?…Oh I’m umm thinkng bout uhhm, Stuff? like well, I tried to think of something but I guess I imagined what it would be like to have all I could see and well, jack just laughed at that.

Violin eaten yellow airplane swept

The Violin of omnipotence…

It was too powerful for the simple people of swept-opia but they tried to harness it anyway. They failed but still wanted to eat the demonic being known only as, The YELLOW AIRPLANE. It had eaten billions of people and still had time for dinner, tea and all that nonsense. The godlike ninja warrior is fighting the robot squirrel when sonic the hedgehog came in and destroyed the gigantic Sam machine with the crystal of Zion and Croer while destroying extra people out of cannons into the sun through a glass and diamond cannon so ha.

Hundred word challenge

The Jama machine was out of control! Thomaseferson and Samooool were trying to fight against the evil Ioan who suddenly evolved into a Banana! The now evil extreme Ioan was flying around the arena of awesome, Which suddenly appeared because the earth and sky became nigh. This happened when Samooool destroyed the Jama machine, killing Thomaseferson because of plot inconvenience. Tomaseferson’s last words were “He took some cheese tablecloth” “Find the cheese, and Jump over the computer!” HE summoned a demon army as he died but the Banana knew a trick, he had a whistle…A whistle blew and everyone disappeared


For my homework I am doing a nerf gun game with the help of Jamie, Sam and Luke. We however , have not done it as we had no time.
We hope to complete it by next week.
It has been fun working on so far and will hopefully be great when released.

this my 100wc thing

The night was nigh, darkness covering the town. The legend foresaw this as an interplanetary event that would completely wipe out all life on earth, no infant, the whole universe! if this would happen then why does the pie overlord kill lights since it turned into darkly and …as the flame flickered and then went out… in the cure of the core universe space world of l;lighting and stuff thrown into space but he port genie man of homelessness who eats clothes and drinks children tears. So Jacky attacked him and died. oh no he is dead whoops lol haha.

…as the flame flickered and then went out…